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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Camping is Going to Be Great!

We're going camping at Mt. Lassen tomorrow ! I thought we were going to do it today, even though I hadn't packed yet, but our friends who were already up at Lassen announced that it is very rainy, so we're going to wait a day. Solomon's response was: "Awwww! I like the rain!"
Anyway, I'm excited about camping even if it is tomorrow, because I don't like camping in the rain. Last Spring; our family, Susan and her kids, (Evelyn, Clem, and Greta) Marina and her kids, (Arina, Yakov, and Ephraim) and a bunch of other families went camping together at Malakoff Diggins Historic Park. It got really rainy the second day. I woke up shivering in a leaky "tent" and helped make a spluttering fire. But epic fail! None of us could stand being soaked through all morning, (It's supposed to be a replica of a gold rush camp. Practically the only dry and warm spot was the modern bathrooms!) so we left that day.
Fortunately, the weather reports say the weather will be good while we're there! We'll climb up the volcano, go to a place where scalding water bubbles up from the ground, and learn a ton. I'm going to write about it in my journal and on this blog, and I'll collect rocks.

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