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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I'm Up To

This is just a random post with what I'm up to!
We are back in our full homeschool life, and no longer on summer vacation. I'm doing a bunch of classes with other homeschoolers, a lot of them taught by Mom. It's like, on Tuesday I've got Latin class; on Wednesday I've got Reading Utopias; on Thursday I've got Tree of Life (Biology) Art History, and another Latin class; and in a few more weeks I'll start having Constitution and Reading Shakespeare on, I think, Wednesdays. Ha ha, and people think homeschoolers don't have homework!
In contrast with Lassen, it's been unbelievably hot. At Lassen, it was like 35 degrees at night, and the general high temperatures were in the 60s. The parents complained of breaking a layer of ice on the dishwater, whereas here I slept in my underwear last night!
Today, we were going to go to swim team. When we got there, it was closed and they said a pipe had burst or something. We swam at Lake Anza instead. Rafie and I swam all the way across Lake Anza! I felt so powerful, and also so tired! Even just a few weeks at swim team really paid off!

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