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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hats Off to the 'Hoes Down'!

The Hoes Down Festival, at Full Belly Farm, is one of my favorite events of Autumn. When we drive in and walk down the path, we can feel the Hoes Down spirit in the air. It's warm, there are rows of crops alongside the road, and the sound of talk and music can be heard. This unique harvest festival features performances that include a circus, a music stage, and a kids' stage; crafts like gourd-painting, felting and cornhusk dolls; a petting zoo where they let people meet piglets, cows and goats; lots of booths for buying food or other souvenirs; and an entire kids' area with a zip-line, a hay fort, and apple dunking!
They had little baby chicks as well as big chickens. The baby chicks were SOOOO cute! (Rafie reports that he saw an equally cute gopher sticking out of the ground.) I painted a little gourd and made a cornhusk doll. The cornhusk doll has a blond string braid, grey kernels of Indian corn sewn on for eyes, and an Indian corn necklace. I also felted some wool around a stone, so I can cut the stone out and make a tiny pouch. Then Clem, Ev, Greta, (Who we met up with there) and I carved pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.
When it got really hot, we all went down to the river and waded. The river in ankle-deep to knee-deep in most places, but we also found a spot deep enough to swim in-- deep enough that I couldn't stand at one point!
For dinner, I bought some delicious corn on the cob and a baked potato, before I got apple galette with ice cream on top for desert. We drove home happy, full and tired.

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