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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter Movie Watching?

I was really excited. For one thing, I no longer had a fever. For another, that meant I could go with a bunch of friends and my brother to see Harry Potter book 7, part one, as planned. Last but not least, I had never before gone to the movies with a crowd of other kids and only one adult.
My mom reminded us that we'd have her cell phone if we needed her (I don't have one of my own), and that movie theater snacks are always overpriced, and all that stuff. She handed me some money, and gave Rafie her phone, and we hopped out of the car.
We got in line to buy tickets, feeling the rain against out coats, and waited for a little while. The others in the group had yet to arrive. Suddenly, Rafie said, "It's sold out. Look at the sign!"
I looked. "No, it says Harry Potter is sold out for 6:30 and 9:30. We're going at 7:30."
"Yes!" Rafie argued. "That sign says 'HARRY POTTER NUMBER 7 PART 1 FOR 7:30 IS SOLD OUT'."
I looked again. He was right! :-( I was considering calling mom when she showed up right on cue. The "momvan" had driven back around the block to get us, and we climbed in. Arrrg. I recalled that some of our friends had gotten tickets in advance, but Mom had decided not to. As we drove away, I saw a bunch of kids and teenagers crossing the street. Most of the faces were quite familiar to me. Many of my friends were huddled happily together in anticipation of the awesome movie, chatting and smiling despite the drippy rain. For the moment I was warmer and drier, but I felt jealous. I'd thought that I'd get to go to the movies because I wasn't sick, but the whole reason mom hadn't bought tickets in advance was because she wasn't sure I'd be able to go. FAIL.
The good news:
1) I am not sick at all.
2) We will be watching some other movie at home now (probably Harry Potter 4), thanks to netflix.

the pic is a random photo booth pic of me.

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  1. Wow, Sasha, I know how disappointed you were with that incident. You write about it very compellingly. Now that you've seen it, would you blog about that? I'd love to read your review.