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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last Night...

I opened my eyes.
"Cock-a-dooo!" came a distant crow from Caramel.Had it been the crowing that had woken me up? The clock read 3:40 AM. How was it even possible for the cray roo to be up this early?! I pictured him in the hen house, on the nesting box that was used as a perch, and wondered if his crowing bothered the hens.
That was the only crow I heard then, though. (Normally, Caramel crows many times when he's crowing.) I tried to get back to sleep, but by 4:00 AM I was still awake. I got up to look at the empty streets, then I read a little, then tried to go back to sleep. Longer than I would have liked after 3:40, I got back to sleep.
I found myself in the middle of a very full dream*. I'm not sure where it began or ended, but here's the basic idea. It began by introducing me to the idea that some walls are special and a bit magical maybe. It's a bit like platform 9 and 3/4: when you approach a certain spot on them, stand with your face pressed against them, and relax and push the wall in the right way, you sort of melt through them into another (sort of secret) room. In the dream, there were two of these walls in my family's dining room. So then in the dream, my mom and I went to a weird place where different people were lecturing. It was like a whole fairground sort of, but it was being used by these people talking about the most boring subjects imaginable. When we were there, I discovered that the special walls were common knowledge there. It was great, 'cause there were lots of them. I spent most of the time practicing getting through those walls, but sometimes it was hard to get through them. After that, I met up with Evelyn**. That reminded me of the Stanford Splash. We were wandering around when we came onto some bleachers where someone was gonna lecture or something. (Mom was elsewhere.) Ev was like, "Let's keep going." I said, "In a minute." Ev gave a disapproving glance like she does when someone does something dangerous or swears or something, saying, "I don't think this is a good idea." She stepped off the bleachers. Just then, the bleachers rose into the air and split apart. We flew and waved up and down. Problem was, I didn't really like the sensation. It got worse when the arm rests (I don't know why the bleachers had armrests!) that I'd been clinging to disappeared. All of us on the bleachers sat there, in military rows, the wind to our faces. "Can I go back down?" I asked the lecture guy, who was saying something about airplane structure. "I didn't mean to get on here in the first place!" Quickly, my bleacher bench was lowered back down. A pudgy janitor lady told me that if I wasn't listening to the lecturer guys I had to get lost. I fled to the nearest of those special rooms. Then I went back to mom to look at her program. As there was nothing interesting, I went over to hang out with Ev, Mike, and Greta by one of the special walls. Mike was saying that the walls worked because when the top was applied pressure to, it flipped over. (That is not the sensation at all.)
I woke back up. It was 5:30 AM. I was not ready to wake up, and Caramel was crowing up a (freaking) storm. Anybody who says roosters only crow at dawn is WRONG!! Dawn wasn't for a while more. I should know.
Mom came in, looking different than she had in the dream*** and I knew that Caramel must have kept her up, too. Mom said that the crowing really bothered her, but that she had some friends with a sanctuary for birds where they'd never make Caramel into dumplings.
Caramel has started chasing Tiger (a hen) around. We think he's trying to mate with her, but Tiger doesn't seem to like it so much. He might just be being a bully. The photo at the top is Tiger when she was younger.

* One of my dreamological terms. A dream feels full to me when a lot of different things happen in it, or it is long, or it feels like a very complete situation that goes on. You can go back up to the main text now. If you're still reading this, you are wasting your time. This footnote is OVER. There is nothing more to say about this footnote. Well, one thing: this footnote is way longer than it needs to be.
**No dream is complete without someone to share it with! (That's not actually true, but this dream wouldn't have been complete.) Ev is my best friend, so I got her as a dream companion.
***Mostly older. Oldish people must really like looking at themselves in mirrors in dreams, because dreams make people look more the way they want. Not that young people don't like looking good too, but we don't wish we looked the way we once did or anything.

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