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Friday, January 28, 2011


The boys are totally obsessed with some game called Minecraft. I totally don't get talking about videogames-- they're fun to play but a boring topic of conversation. Every few months they get totally into some different game. I've played Minecraft. It's fun, but not worth obsessing over. It's really too big of a deal, especially since they'll get bored of it soon. There are six stages in my brothers' obsession over a game. First, a friend of Rafie's recommends it. Second, Rafie and Solomon try it out and love it.
Next, they begin to talk about it all the time. Then they habitually break family rules to spend more time at it. By then they get SO excited over the game. After a few months, they suddenly stop playing it. It turns out that a friend of Rafie's has recommended a new game...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rafie; Word of the Day; and Sutter's Fort

The word of the day is defenestrate, which means throw out the window.
Rafie put together a really dumb American Indian Outfit from rabbit skins he got at the California State Indian Museum. LOL, really dorky. (Solomon accidentally called it "doinky". Heehee.) It's really just a loincloth (a rubber band holding two skins to his waist) and a beaded headdress of Mom's. Solly keeps pulling the skins off and exposing his, um, loin.
The reason for this is that we will do an overnight at Sutter's Fort in a few weeks. We'll spend a day living like people in the 1840s.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

12th Night "Translation"

If you want a laugh check this out. It is shakespeare's Twelfth Night translated into modern English. It's really weird, though.

Mushroom Hunting

We all went mushroom hunting with Michael the Mycologist.(A mycologist studies mushrooms.) He is also a quite interesting person.
My mom said that all my life I'll meet people like me-- people in the Interesting Person Club.

Michael is in that club. He studies mushrooms and lives in a house full of bird skulls and musical instruments. While the boys were looking at his keyboard thingy and his bass, he (knowing i play clarinet) let me play his clarinet. One of the keys doesn't work. Then he showed me a bass clarinet, which is really huge and I could barely get a sound out of.
Then we went on a mushroom walk and picnic hike. It was Dad, Mom, Rafie, Solomon, a man named Howard or something, a little boy called Nick, and the Mycologist. We stumbled around off the trail and also just hiked. We tasted a couple mushrooms. Somebody said they were bitter, but I liked it. It tasted, well, MUSHROOMY. We were hiking a trail that I went on at camp last summer. When we got to Sky Camp we stopped to have lunch. Then Nick, Rafie, Solomon, and I climbed a tree. At first Rafie was annoyed that he had trouble climbing it, but he figured it out. He was so funny on the walk back-- whenever Michael showed us a mushroom he'd ask "is it EDIBLE?"
He was probably very hungry.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail

I don't have anything witty and precocious-sounding to say, but we watched the Quest for the Holy Grail. It was so funny. My favorite bits were: (warning! will only make sense if you've watched the movie!)
-"Of course we're French! why else would we have this outrageous accent??"
-"She has, well... huge tracts of land!"
- "WHAT is your name? ...WHAT is your quest? ...WHAT is your favorite color?"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year!

On New Year's Eve, I went with my family to a concert. Part of the reason is 'cause my clarinet teacher, Larry London, was performing. The other reason was this "17-year-old cello prodigy", Nathan Chan, that mom is excited about. She plays the cello, which she took up a few months ago at the age of about forty-four. Rafie also plays the cello. He took it up a while ago at the age of nine and is way better than mom so far... maybe I should just give you a list of instruments everyone in the family play.
Me. Main instrument: Clarinet. Instruments previously played: piano, recorder.
Rafie. Main instrument: Cello. Other instrument: piano.
Solomon. Instrument: violin.
Millie. Main instrument: violin. Previously played instrument that I know of: piano.
Mom. Main instrument: Cello. Other instruments that I know of: piano, recorder.
Dad. Instrument: Ukulele.

So, anyhow, Nathan Chan was amazing. He got so into his music, using his whole body to play the cello. There was also a cool musical telling of the Ugly Duckling. Very funny modern piece!
Then there was a singalong of "auld lang sine". The conductor for that song was some audience member who had bought the right to conduct in an auction. She had a "15-second conducting lesson" and then was forced in front of the musicians. And I'm not trying to be mean, but she was the worst conductor ever! She conducted really slowly (I mean REALLY slowly) and only got slower as the piece progressed. We all ended up singing about "auuuuuuuld langggggggg sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnne." The musicians actually FOLLOWED her! It was insane.

When we got back home, Millie and I picked out the tune to Auld Lang Sine and did a pretty half-assed duet of clarinet and piano.
At midnight, which even little Solomon stayed up until, we played it again. Then, as soon as everyone had had a chance to say "happy new year" quickly, dad said that it was way past bedtime and go brush teeth and get to bed immediately. As I lay in bed, wishing I could stay up longer and listening to firecrackers go off in a nearby neighborhood, I realized that I was tired. My shoulders sunk like lead into my pillow.
Oh, by the way, this is 1/1/11.

Today we went to a hot tub place because mom wanted to help her back feel better and get us kids really clean in the process. Hot-tubbing is synonymous with boiling yourself alive!