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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Very Goofy Translation Gadget

On Dashboard application, there's an awesome Translation thing that doesn't actually work. I like asking it to translate stuff into Korean and back cause I get crazy nonsense. Here's part of my "Dreams" post:

I am going to what kind of weird summer camp, and it main point sings or am operational the thing I clear, does not become time be. Us running to end of the camping ground, also, got divided in the team for something which did not know, there were our only 2. The some obligation team competitor or was something. And after him as for my mom as the Evelyn to visit the camping ground said this boy actual good singer was who which also said thing at camping And he was going in order to sing what kind of type of operatic song to end of the camping ground. Afterwards later I walked at the bathroom. I passed the team which planned the camping ground result of their end to method. Soaked to the (thing) capacity does not think, because which thing does not like the orange team too a lot, came off. Consequently me too strangely from the dream to get in to the bathroom of the young girl inside that place which is not, and he me with him to me who want to be useless from the Valentine's Day dance which had query. I 9 year-old together, method, was that and thought first. Wasn't the next, Valentine's Day last week??? Did I say e and the boy said well, “.” I am inside and is born, with who which will go be me who meant the hat which was from it the writing and wanted to be useless, to from that bathroom which had the boy whom reached walks good. The next me I deceived that the child will not know the thing and only so actual there to be a dance and in case, will be useless with me and to be embarrassed do to, who which is not be, who be sought now the fact that and thought.

The original version is the last paragraph of the post "Dreams".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who's Happy to be a Hominin?

Well, I am! I read a book about finding old hominin bones and trying to piece together what our ancestors' lives were like (Every Bone Tells a Story) and liked it a lot! My mother/teacher is also into hominin evolution and early hominins and SHE'S GONNA TEACH US A CLASS IN IT! Hooray :-). Guess what: the computer doesn't know what hominins are-- it still thinks the correct term in hominid. Ha ha, I have a better vocabulary than Mr. Laptop does.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Last night I had a dream, but I basically don't remember it at all, except that part of it took place in what seemed like Steep Ravine where the cabins had more floors. There was more to it, I just know there was more, (did one "scene" of it have to do with Rafie planning who he was gonna marry when he got old enough? was it set in the past? we left our cabin for a few days to a few weeks and I did something important alone away from the cabin, or something? I know that at one irrelevant bit in the beginning there was a guy who was forced to live in a pigpen and drink gross water that had hay in it and maybe he could try to drink a bit with no hay in it so it might taste OK) But RRRRRGGGGGHHH I just can't remember it!

The good news is that I do remember the night before last's dream. I was going to some weird summer camp, and I'm not clear on whether the main point of it was singing or acting. We were split into teams for something that might have been performing at the end of camp, but my team was too small, there were only 2 of us. Some of the teams were rivals or something. And then my mom visited the camp and said that Evelyn (who was also at camp) had said that this boy was a really good singer and he was gonna sing some sort of opera song at the end of camp. Then later I walked to the restroom. On the way I passed a team who was planning their end-of-camp performance. It was called "Valentine's Day in Orange Team" which they thought was hilarious 'cause they didn't like Orange Team too much. So I went into the girls' restroom and there was a little boy in there, which in the dream didn't seem too strange, and he asked me if I wanted to dance in a Valentine's Day dance with him. I thought first, No way, he is like 9 years old. Then, Wasn't Valentine's day last week??? I said, "Huh? Valentine's dance???" And  the little boy said, "Yeah." I lied and said hat I had someone to go with and I walked right out of that bathroom that had the crazy boy that wanted to dance with me in it. Then I thought, I gotta find someone now if there really is a dance, someone not to embarrassing to dance with so that kid won't know I lied.
The dream basically ended there. I believe that the dancing part came from how we were supposed to dance with a partner at Sutter's Fort, and also from reading teen romance books. My dreams are bizarre, huh?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review!

Book review of the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants, by Ann Brashares

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. My parents decided just from the cover of this book that it was a “teenage girl book” and its purpose was to introduce girls to being teens. They were wrong. This is a book about friendship, life, death and growing up.
Four fifteen-year-olds had been friends since birth, but things were changing. Bridget was off to a soccer summer camp. Carmen was visiting her dad, who had divorced her mother. Lena was traveling to her family’s hometown in Greece. Tibby stayed home to work in a supermarket. They had to learn to be “together when they were apart,” as the author put it. So they found a pair of shared pants to symbolize their friendship.
I liked reading about four different stories at once, because there was never a time when all the stories were boring. The girls all had exciting tales of their own: Bridget falls in love with her camp counselor. Lena just doesn’t understand romance and is annoyed by a loving boy who follows her around. Carmen rages when her dad remarries. Tibby meets a smart little girl only to lose the new friendship.
When I read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I thought about whether it is just a “teenage girl book” after all. It does include a lot of romance in it and in a way it gave me a sneak peek at teenage girl life. However, I decided that this book is also quite a good book, a book full of fun and love and connections between people. The truth is that good books, just like anything else, aren’t necessarily specific types. So this book is part teen girl book, part good book, part fun and quick book. Good books come in all genres.

Sutter's Fort!!

Twenty city blocks in a horse-drawn cart. The horse bounced us through Sacramento. Evelyn, Clem, Greta, Yakov, Ephraim, Kyle, Shannon, Roman, Charlotte, Avi, and I sat in one cart; the other half of the kids were in another cart. We were twenty-two kids between the ages of six and fourteen, ready to go back in time more than one hundred sixty years. The horses came to a stop, the parents took photos, and we filed through the big wooden gates.

High white walls surrounded us. Little rooms had been built into the walls. As soon as the rules of Sutter's Fort had been explained, we started the activities.
The first project was basket making. At first my basket was loose and ugly, but it got better.
Next we learned about the wagons that people used for getting to California. The people would not actually have ridden in the wagons. They would need to have expensive animals to be able to do that. More likely, they walked the whole way to Sutter's Fort!
We also learned about trappers, grain and mills, cannons,  and rope making. The cannon was very loud!! In the bakery, I helped roll out dough into gingersnap cookies. Yum. Kyle kept on eating the dough. It was yummy dough, though. (I love all the "ough" sounds: through, dough, ought, cough, hiccough, etc.) We also made cornhusk dolls. When there was free time, I'd hurry to the trade store to buy a fun snack: taffy, or maybe a pickle, in return for the bottle-cap "Sutter Bucks" we had been given. But I always finished my taffies too soon and had to buy a few more.
Before dinner a cool woman gave a pioneer doctor demonstration. IT WAS GROSS! THEY DIDN'T EVEN STERILIZE THEIR TOOLS WHEN DRILLING HOLES IN PEOPLE'S HEADS BACK THEN!
In the evening there was lots of time to play. Lots of little girls walked around tweeting their bird whistles. Lots of little boys walked around making "BLAM BLAM" noises and wielding toy guns. We played tug-o-war and were about to play Koobadee when it was time for another organized activity.
We danced three different dances. The first was a dancing game where people would go in and out of the circle of kids. The third/last was a line dance with partners. 10-year-old Rafie and his girlfriend Clem danced and kissed at the end because the caller said so. I wouldn't have minded dancing with a boy my age like Roman or Kyle, but the good thing about dancing with a six-year-old was nobody thought there was any sort of romance going on. Then some musicians played and sang for us and it was bedtime. Some families stayed overnight. As for me, I slept in the car ride home instead.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steep Ravine (second half)

We returned from our camping trip the second time. We all hiked the Steep Ravine Trail, a couple miles from the campsites to a ranger station. The way there took a long time because it was mostly uphill. We enjoyed it, though. Although the Geocache we had stumbled upon before was gone, we found another one! On the same trail!
The next day, Arina, Rafie and I climbed out onto Mussel Rock in between the huge waves that covered our stepping stones. We made it across dry and bent down to rip off mussels. Mussels literally cover that rock. If you walked on that rock-- if you stepped on that rock-- you would have mussels underfoot. Some are big, some small. We collected half a bagful of large ones when I decided to stop.
"We don't have enough, Sasha,"Arina said.
"We've got plenty," I argued. "And my back is hurting. You know why, Rafie." I clambered off Mussel Rock.
Here is why my back was hurting. After I had climbed 911 rock I had bushwhacked a path back to the cabins with Rafie and Evelyn. It got a little too steep, though, and we found ourselves at the top of a small cliff. "Let's slide down here..." suggested Evelyn.
"No way!" I said. "That is far too steep! Let's climb down this way, where there are rocks for footholds and it's not as steep." Then I started down the cliff. But it was steeper than I thought. I wrapped my mind around the slope and slowly climbed. I bega to slide, out of control, in a blur of panic and pain, bumping myself on the rocks I'd thought would help me. When it was over, I lay on the rocks of the beach below. I had somehow turned myself around (though even seconds after I had no idea how); my head rested on the hard rock as if I'd hit it and my feet pointed back the way I'd come. It wasn't my head that hurt, though. It was my tailbone.
"Don't go down this way, either." They didn't. I was glad, yet jealous.
After a few days, it doesn't hurt much. Just a little bit every now and then. But after the pain of bending up and down on Mussel Rock, I was rewarded with hot, tasty mussels to eat. The orange morsels made up for the time spent collecting and washing and waiting. I could pull them out of their shells and pop them in my mouth. The white wine broth soaked into pieces of bread. Yum...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We are going to go back to Steep Ravine today. It'll be great to be back. Coming back in the middle of a trip is weird.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steep Ravine Trip (first half)

Well, we had the first half of our camping trip and are back at home for a day so we don't miss a Shakespeare rehearsal and QuantumCamp.  That means that I can blog about what I've been up to! So far the trip is going well. We have climbed a really big rock ("Nine-one-one rock".  I felt very heroic when I climbed up Nine-One-One rock. It was difficult, but not as hard to climb as Rafie made it seem.) and explored a very very small cave. We have picked up hermit crabs and built driftwood forts.
Evelyn (whose family is also camping) and I saw a big skeleton of some creature, but the skull (the coolest part) wasn't there. Same with the feet, which might have helped us figure out what is was. It may have been anything, almost. Oh, and on the drive back home we spotted another mystery animal, this one alive. Fox? Coyote? Something else? We weren't sure what it was. It was eating something there by the side of the road. It had gray fur and slightly pointy ears like a wolf or something, but that's silly because there aren't any wolves around here.
The wind is ferocious at Steep Ravine. Steep Ravine sits right on the coast, and right next to Stinson, where the sea adds to the real blowing and howling of the wind. I saw Clem standing on a bench, leaning into the wind, slightly resting on the wind, only it wasn't quite strong enough for that.
And when I got back I checked my email and YES! Our Words Magazine wants to publish my poem, Dream Small. I was so excited; I would finally have my writing published. Mom said that after this some time I'll be in an adult magazine and then it'll be the New Yorker. That's sort of stretching stuff, but I would like to be in the New Yorker someday even if I'm not a new yorker.