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Monday, March 7, 2011

Eggs in Strange Places

I looked in the chickens' nesting boxes. There were two green eggs. We hadn't gotten many brown ones recently. I walked back to the garden gate, between five chickens. Where was the sixth, Firefly?? I looked around. She was dark-colored and could blend in well. I spotted her by the fence. "Hey Firefly," I said stupidly, "the rest of the flock's over there." I wondered what she was doing and looked around behind her.
There was a huge pile of... eggs. Eggs! I realized in amazement that the chickens had been laying most of their eggs there and we hadn't even known! Most of the eggs were brown. Of course! That was why I'd collected mainly green eggs. I ran to the house for a basket and to tell the family. We placed all the eggs in the basket-- fourteen of them! The chickens had been hiding eggs here for maybe a week!

Also, Rafie got an awful book called Making Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. Most of them aren't too harmful, but I don't feel as safe with those plastic-spoon catapults and that mechanical-pencil gun around!

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