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Sunday, June 26, 2011


...and I've been to a grand total of 3 sleep-away camps. But seriously, Cazadero Music Camp is awesome. At Caz, I'd wake up under the redwoods every morning. I'd hear a trumpet waking me several minutes later, and climb out of my sleeping bag. After breakfast the entire camp would have a choir class together. (At Choir, we had a voice warm up where we sang Do, do re do, do re mi re do, do re mi fa mi re do, and so on, adding another note each time. On the last morning, my cabin mates told me I'd been singing it in my sleep! 0_o)
After Choir, we broke up for elective activities. My elective was Jazz Band / Improvisation. The teacher and the songs and stuff are great, and even people who play, say, string instruments are allowed in.
Then we had rehearsals. Since I play the clarinet, I played with the rest of the wind, brass, and percussion in the Band. I had never played in a band or ensemble before I went to Caz. I found that playing in a band was more difficult than playing solo, but the result, the music, was much more moving. What joy lies in making music with many other people!
In the afternoon, our schedule was alternating periods of free time and rehearsals. Strange as it seems, I really liked playing my clarinet for 4 hours each day. I felt like I could have lived my life that way... if I didn't have normal-life things to do as well.
During Free Times, I went down to play in the creek whenever I could. The cool water felt AWESOME, and a big log stuck out over the water. About 10 other kids and I would take turns jumping off it into the only deep-ish part of the creek. It's so fun!!!
I rode the bus to camp on Monday. On Saturday, we performed a concert for the families. In Jazz Improv, we all played improvised solos. In the Band, we played some awesome music.
I made plenty of friends at Cazadero, including drummers, bassoonists, and violinists as well as, of course, the other clarinet players. I was a little sad to leave them, but I'm also glad to be home.
(PS: as for the weird blank space, I don't know how to get rid of it. Sorry.)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Do you ever read a book that makes you think, Wow, I know this book is written for third/fourth graders, but this is GOOD! This is really enjoyable by all ages. That was my response to Word After Word After Word, by Patricia Mac Lachlan. I really recommend it, especially to writers. It's going to take you 45 minutes to read. That's all. Don't shun its large text and young characters; this book will leave you with something interesting.
This story is about 5 kids who are in a class together. They don't think about writing much until a fantastic sub teacher helps them express their problems on paper. The children all deal with different things in their family lives, like divorce, pets dying, and cancer, that they couldn't talk to their families about... until parents' night. Now off to the library (or bookstore, or Amazon) with you!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Our Best Year at Tahoe

Things on our vacation to Lake Tahoe are not going very well. Almost every place we want to go is closed due to snow. Everybody in the house except Mom has vomited. Millie broke her arm. Rafie just wants to go home to his computer (He has a desktop computer, unlike the shared Kids' Laptop). I'm sick, but recovering. Most of the trip was great, but the end of the trip is kind of sucking.   D:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Partway Through an Awesome Trip to Tahoe...

And we are having a great time. Some of the things we've done a lot of are:
-Doing jigsaw puzzles
-Making music
-Getting stuck in the snow (on our hike to Big Meadow.)
I will post the full story in a few days, cause I'm very tired tonight. And thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Off to Lake Tahoe

Today, we'll set off for Lake Tahoe. Most likely we'll do this at about 10:00 in the minivan with the MOMMVAN plate. Then we'll be all cramped in the car until we hop out for lunch... our only meal at McDonald's of the year. It's right on the road, and really, who cares about the food on a 4-hour drive?
Then at about 2:00, when we're all whining that we've had enough, we'll arrive at Tahoe Meadows, a tiny community on southern shore of the great Lake Tahoe. We'll open the windows wide so we can smell the pine trees in the air and we'll prepare to have adventures near Lake Tahoe!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dissection Time!

This is the contents of an owl pellet that Solomon and I dissected today. It had been sitting in my room ever since I found it at Lassen.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Muir Woods and the Zen Center

Today we went to Muir Woods, a popular tourist attraction. Still, it is popular for a reason.
It rained. This is a poem I wrote about the rain a while ago:
Water takes back the world
And slips from the sky onto heads below.
And it's gray, and wet, as we splish across the street.

Only, it's not the street in this case.
 My hair was soaked, and the rain easily dampened my pants, so my legs were wet too. Solomon, on the other hand, always says he loves the rain.
 Still, I had fun. It was pleasing to walk. At one point, we noticed some worms on the ground. We began counting them; they littered the dirt and were only a few inches apart. The "Worm Vale" was several yards long, and held one hundred and twenty-seven worms. Whoa!
 The rain filled the river. We saw it as we walked back to the car.
But we weren't beat yet! This rabbit is beat (and dead), but we weren't. We were ready to go check out the Zen Center and Green Gulch Farm.
 There are gardens there.
 And farms.
 And it's really very photogenic.
 "Ooh look, a newt!"
When we were all tired out, we played at the playground there, then walked back to the car.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Awesome Adventure

A few days ago, we explored to Radio Beach, a really neat place. All that can be seen from the road is a simple gate, leading through a cow pasture. But once we opened the gate, we were in awe.

Cows roam the fields and swallows the air. Our ears are filled with the sounds of chirping birds. I can glimpse the sea at the end of the path.

It's pretty. At the end of the path lies the beach.
We climbed down the rope one at a time, down a cliff, to get to.... the sea!!!
We spent a long time at the beach, beach-combing and picking up cool treasures that ranged from dead starfish to bits of shell.
 So, we had a great time, and finally walked back.
I LOVE Radio Beach!!!