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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two thousand pageviews! Hooray!
(Did you know that Hooray was originally a Mongol battle cry? Yep, that's right. Genghis Khan would have marched into the fight saying "hoorayyyy!")

Pencil Sharpener

A small blade--
Digging in slightly,
Shaving away any imperfect curlicues
Of wood;
Edged with yellow paint--
And brings things out
The sharper.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Look to the river, see smooth water like black glass, still and in the dark.
Look to where the black treetops meet the blue evening sky.
Look into the forest, let your eyes sink into the blackness, the invisible world hidden in the dark.
Look down
At your own shadow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

There's no place like Camp Tuolumne...

One week ago, my family and I squished into our car and drove for a three hours. Although we played the Find Every Letter of the Alphabet game, we got seriously bored and were overjoyed to step out at Tuolumne Family Camp. Solomon became a Tuolumne Ranger, Rafie shot twelve bulls-eyes, and I had a great time hanging out there. I made a lanyard that defies the boundaries of basic lanyardery. I also made a basket, some fimo beads, and a tie-dyed shirt that ended up too small.
When Talent Show Night came, we had already been preparing for days. Rafie, Solomon, Evelyn, Clem, Greta, Austin, and I put together a fun skit which consisted of acting out iPhone apps. For Fruit Ninja, we snitched apples and oranges from the dining hall and hit them with sticks. For Angry Birds, Solomon fell on top of Ev and I; we fell over and shouted, "500 points!"
What I love about our annual trips to Tuolumne is seeing the same people, peers I've seen every year since we were about five years old. And before that, we all went to preschool together. Now the preschoolers are all twelve- and thirteen-year-olds, and we still hang out together for a week every year.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The other Sasha

When there are two Sashas around, things get confusingly funny. And there ARE two Sashas around: me, and Sasha Rosenow, who is a boy. This happened today.
"Hey, Sasha, look at this," said Rafie.
"Which one?" asked Sasha R.
"You," Rafie said.
"Which one of us?" Sasha R repeated.
"You! Sasha Rosenow!" Rafie said again.
"Not both of us?" I asked. "Because yeah, if you say Sasha then we both answer."
"Yeah, why not both?" said Sasha R. "We're both interested in what you want to show us."
"Just cause!"
"But which Sasha were you talking to? Are you sure you were talking to me?" he asked again.
I said, "Sasha, it seriously doesn't matter." Calling someone else Sasha--  my name, the word that mean me and always would-- was strange.
"You know that you're talking to yourself," Sasha R. said.
"I was talking to you, actually. It's your name too, remember?"
"But you should call me Sasha R. or Other Sasha or something so it doesn't sound like you're talking to yourself."

And yesterday, I picked up the phone, and heard...
"Hello," I said. "Who is this?"
"Sasha," the other person said.
"Same here!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

An Important Point in the History of Thinking, Writing Girl

This is the hundredth post ever to be posted to ! I remember the FIRST post I put on here, and now I'm up to 100! That is an achievement, is it not? 100 is a great number. Did I ever tell you that at the elementary school I went to, the hundredth day of school was really special? We did all sorts of 100-themed activities. You don't know what that would be? In homeroom, looking around the room for slips of paper with all the numbers from 1 to 100 on them, like a treasure hunt. In Spanish class, imagine learning to count to 100 in Spanish. Then for art, ask each kid in class to find 100 of something small at home as homework, and in class glue them all to a piece of cardboard shaped like the number 100. In math class, it's easy to imagine the 100-themed activities: finding numbers that add to 100, among other things.

Also, I'm coming near to 2000 pageviews. I'll let you know when I get there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

"I did it! I jumped from one rock to the other!"
 "See, Solomon? It wasn't that hard." Taken a few weeks ago at Steep Ravine. I went boogie boarding again yesterday, though!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Book Review of 'Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger'

By Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner
Reviewed by Sasha Barish, as usual
I, personally, stayed up until 11:30 reading the adventures of Emily the Strange, her new evil twin, her golem, and a retired spy called Venus Fang Fang. In 'Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger', a goth girl and mad inventor named Emily somehow duplicates herself, so that there are two of her. When she and her duplicate have a contest to see who is the "real" Emily, she realizes that her duplicate has turned evil and wants to murder her. But what can she do about it?
Although it is highly entertaining, I must say that the writing is terrible. The authors write dialogue as a script, and make many numbered lists of things in the story, that are always EXACTLY 13 points long. The rest of the time, "Emily" doesn't even write in full sentences: "Have not packed a single thing today,"; and, "am still kinda disappointed."
I guess SOME authors think that that gets them in the character's voice. I don't suggest reading 'Emily the Strange', because of this "voice" problem. Many books written as journals have that problem, and my opinion is that good authors can get into their characters' heads without using bad grammar.
Plus, at the end, many things happened that made no sense. I felt like I needed more description of just what was going on.

Go Giants!

 A few days ago, I went to a Giants game with Rafie, Solomon, and Dad. Baseball games are fun. They're kinda loud; but you watch the batters, eat ice cream or cotton candy, cheer wildly, and walk around the ball park. The AT&T Stadium is especially fun because of the Coke Slide. If you walked to the side of the stadium, just beside the scoreboard, you would find yourself standing under a gigantic bottle of Coca Cola. There's a metal slide in it, with a long line of kids and families waiting to ride. Dad, Solomon, Rafie, and I stood in line for approximately twenty minutes. Maybe thirty. The slide is approximately four seconds long. But, we're at the ball park, so what else would we do? It's a tradition.

Also, I like with image effects. I tried out Face Self-Timer on my camera and took a random picture. I don't think most pictures would look good in black-and-white, but when I tried black-and-white on this one it turned out cool:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Parkour Class

I liked it again, but... Parkour is REALLY tiring. I took another Parkour class, you know? At the beginning I was fine, but I got out of breath after the stretches and warm-ups. Halfway through the skills practice thing, I felt like I was going to faint. I have never fainted, but I've come pretty close and my goal is to make sure I never do faint. I hope I never faint in Parkour class; it would only add to my feeling of being the parkour "newbie". So I took the last 15 seconds out of each activity to rest and hang my head towards the ground. The faint-y feeling went away after several rests, but when I stood back up and did another activity, I felt tired in a completely different way: my head throbbed and felt like it was seriously on fire. By the end of class I felt like, Noooo, I cannot move.
I'm not out of shape, I swear, but... I get tired easily. THIS post is why I don't like sports, and why I am sort of afraid to go back to the Parkour gym.

Friday, August 5, 2011


My friend Arina and I have a new idea of something fun to do: we are dressing my brother as a stereotypical nerd. Don't get me wrong; the little goofball is a self-proclaimed nerd. And so he popped out the insides of 3-D glasses from the movies. Tomorrow we will carry out our plan: dressing him in a white shirt tucked into his pants, with a pen in his pocket. We must also brush his hair, which he never does. Then we will admire our work, and Rafie will be pleased.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have 2 things to say today

1. I am a teenager!!!!! As of yesterday I'm thirteen. Hooray!
2. Tag! Well, who wants me to tag them? This is a thing that someone invented.
If you are tagged, you are allowed to put in one paragraph to continue the story.  If you’re writing dialogue, you may write two paragraphs if of speech 2 sentences or under (if it’s three sentences that they speak, not including interjections, you can only do one paragraph).  People may be tagged again two times at most.  The premise of this meme is that each time it’s posted, it’s a different story because it went to different people, but they all started with the same paragraph.  You also have to repost the rules and the entire story so far into your blog post that you have for this meme.  Just copy it off the post of whoever nominated you.

Here's the story so far: 

(MANET) The moon was full tonight, and it hovered over the teenagers as if blessing them.  Maybe that’s what it seemed like to anybody else.  But Ella had the feeling that it was cursing them. 
(KT) They had invited Ella to join them tonight, but instead of approaching them, Ella hung back.  She lingered in the shadows watching the teenagers stand so still it seemed like they weren’t breathing.  Ella took a deep breath preparing to step out of hiding, but before she could, a different girl walked confidently towards the ground of teenagers. 

(SHELBY) "Hey!" the girl chirped at the group. They suddenly stopped talking and slowly turned toward the girl dressed in bright colors. Glaring at her, they started to whisper to each other. I wondered what was going on. Did this have anything to do with me? I knew this was all a joke, just playing a prank on me again. 

(MOCKINGJAY) Oh, how I wondered what they were saying. They didn't seem particularly happy, when the girl approached their group. I take a tentative step toward them, and could hear their whispering loud and clear. "What is she doing here?" was the most commonly whispered. I take another step towards them, before finally one of them noticed me. 

(SASHA) "Oh, hi Ella," one of them responded. "What are you doing here?"
"Luca invited me," I explained.
"Is that right?" they all turned to Luca.

Now. Who wants to be tagged next? You must have a blog and you must like chocolate. Comment if you want to be nominated to continue the story.

Monday, August 1, 2011

God is in the Pancakes (a book review

Of all the books I've read this summer, 'God is in the Pancakes', by Robin Epstein, is certainly the best. I think anyone from 12 to 112 could and should read this book.

God Is in the Pancakes
Grace Manning, a 15-year-old with no interest in fashion or romance, is considering a huge moral question. An old man named Mr. Sands at the nursing home where she works has a disease that will slowly paralyze, and finally kill, him. Mr. Sands, Grace's close friend, knows there is no cure and asks Grace to help him commit suicide. Even at home her problems don't end: Grace knows that her sister's boyfriend has kissed another girl, but her sister, "Lolly", refuses to believe it. Meanwhile she discovers that her own friendship with a boy is turning into love. Then when Grace finally agrees to help Mr. Sands, she's in an awful turmoil: can she really bring herself to do it, and could she live with herself afterwards?
Exploring problems about life, death, suffering, friendship, and much more, 'God is in the Pancakes' will inevitably draw you into itself; read a chapter and you'll read the whole, gripping, book.
One theme that I liked, that was continued throughout the book, was that old people are like teenagers. Grace made friends with the elderly quickly, and discovered how similar a nursing home is to a high school.
Is it good to kill someone who wants to die? What is life like for a person who has made so many others sad? 'God is in the Pancakes' investigates those ideas and others.