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Monday, August 1, 2011

God is in the Pancakes (a book review

Of all the books I've read this summer, 'God is in the Pancakes', by Robin Epstein, is certainly the best. I think anyone from 12 to 112 could and should read this book.

God Is in the Pancakes
Grace Manning, a 15-year-old with no interest in fashion or romance, is considering a huge moral question. An old man named Mr. Sands at the nursing home where she works has a disease that will slowly paralyze, and finally kill, him. Mr. Sands, Grace's close friend, knows there is no cure and asks Grace to help him commit suicide. Even at home her problems don't end: Grace knows that her sister's boyfriend has kissed another girl, but her sister, "Lolly", refuses to believe it. Meanwhile she discovers that her own friendship with a boy is turning into love. Then when Grace finally agrees to help Mr. Sands, she's in an awful turmoil: can she really bring herself to do it, and could she live with herself afterwards?
Exploring problems about life, death, suffering, friendship, and much more, 'God is in the Pancakes' will inevitably draw you into itself; read a chapter and you'll read the whole, gripping, book.
One theme that I liked, that was continued throughout the book, was that old people are like teenagers. Grace made friends with the elderly quickly, and discovered how similar a nursing home is to a high school.
Is it good to kill someone who wants to die? What is life like for a person who has made so many others sad? 'God is in the Pancakes' investigates those ideas and others.

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