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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have 2 things to say today

1. I am a teenager!!!!! As of yesterday I'm thirteen. Hooray!
2. Tag! Well, who wants me to tag them? This is a thing that someone invented.
If you are tagged, you are allowed to put in one paragraph to continue the story.  If you’re writing dialogue, you may write two paragraphs if of speech 2 sentences or under (if it’s three sentences that they speak, not including interjections, you can only do one paragraph).  People may be tagged again two times at most.  The premise of this meme is that each time it’s posted, it’s a different story because it went to different people, but they all started with the same paragraph.  You also have to repost the rules and the entire story so far into your blog post that you have for this meme.  Just copy it off the post of whoever nominated you.

Here's the story so far: 

(MANET) The moon was full tonight, and it hovered over the teenagers as if blessing them.  Maybe that’s what it seemed like to anybody else.  But Ella had the feeling that it was cursing them. 
(KT) They had invited Ella to join them tonight, but instead of approaching them, Ella hung back.  She lingered in the shadows watching the teenagers stand so still it seemed like they weren’t breathing.  Ella took a deep breath preparing to step out of hiding, but before she could, a different girl walked confidently towards the ground of teenagers. 

(SHELBY) "Hey!" the girl chirped at the group. They suddenly stopped talking and slowly turned toward the girl dressed in bright colors. Glaring at her, they started to whisper to each other. I wondered what was going on. Did this have anything to do with me? I knew this was all a joke, just playing a prank on me again. 

(MOCKINGJAY) Oh, how I wondered what they were saying. They didn't seem particularly happy, when the girl approached their group. I take a tentative step toward them, and could hear their whispering loud and clear. "What is she doing here?" was the most commonly whispered. I take another step towards them, before finally one of them noticed me. 

(SASHA) "Oh, hi Ella," one of them responded. "What are you doing here?"
"Luca invited me," I explained.
"Is that right?" they all turned to Luca.

Now. Who wants to be tagged next? You must have a blog and you must like chocolate. Comment if you want to be nominated to continue the story.


  1. Can I post it as a comment on your blog? I am so not posting it on my blog, on the off-chance that someone actually reads it.

    - You know whom you tagged.

  2. You can post it as a comment, sure.