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Monday, September 19, 2011

Swim Team

Today we went to Swim Team. There was a little kid named Clementine (not the Clementine any of you know; it's pronounced Clem-en-teen). She said to a girl named Lila: "Are you chewing gum?" I was pretty sure that chewing gum during swim team was not allowed.
"No," said Lila.
"I saw something bright orange in your mouth," Clementine told her.
"It was my tongue." There's no way Clementine could have mistaken a tongue for gum, unless Lila had recently eaten bright orange candy during swim team and it stained her tongue.
"It was really orange," said Clementine.
At this, Lila shot her friends Ridley and Abby a clever look and burst into obviously fake tears. She buried her face in her hands. "It was my tongue," she said. "I know it's different from other peoples', but please don't make fun of me." she kept fake-crying. Clementine looked like she wasn't sure whether or not to believe Lila.
"See what you've done?" said Ridley. "She'll be like this for two hours now! Lila's very sensitive about her tongue..."
Abby was pretending to comfort Lila. "There, there. It's okay, Lila. We'll get you a tongue transplant soon enough." Lila was a terrible actress, but Abby seemed like a decent one.
Some of Lila's other friends, and I, watched. I was horrified! Lila and Abby were putting on a totally unrealistic show-- and Ridley was trying to make Clementine feel bad-- just so Lila wouldn't stop having to chew her gum! And... a bright orange tongue? What kind of stupid story is that?
But a while later the teacher found out, and asked Lila to throw her gum away. I felt sort of satisfied.


  1. Very funny story :). A bright orange tongue sounds like the kind of story I would make up!

  2. It wasn't worth it for some gum, but it's a really funny story.